Brand Identity Management + Website Strategy, Design & Development with Online Visibility 
An Entrepreneur Complete Package
A Global Media Company Working
for Women's Expansion + Business Growth 2019!

Alley Jean has 18 years of design, marketing, sales, advertising, and client service experience! 
Hi, I’m Alley Jean, a Brand Identity Architect, Web Design Strategist, Artist, & Online Visibility Expert. 

I work with newbies and the experienced global entrepreneur. I’ve worked with high-level executives my whole life. And you don’t get to do *that* without being patient and creating magic for people. I am proud of my work and the skills I have acquired. I love what I do and know I am good at it. 

The main ingredient I need from you, is to have a desire to do something extremely creative and exciting!

>>> You’re courageous because you realize what the outcome will be through your efforts and trust.


>>> You’ll experiment and brainstorm with me. You’ll trust my process and consider my advice even if it seems scary sometimes.

The women I work with are unicorns and have all the answers but need support from me. We co-create your legacy together.

You’re READY to step UP and RISE to your new endeavor with me! 

Signature Unicorn Package aka EVERYTHING ;)
Full website, logo, social media graphics, email marketing, optins,
mood boards, writing support, Asana project management,
VIP attention, virtual strategy sessions with Alley Jean... THE WORKS

Full access to Alley Jean with LIVE video conference meetings to get clear on your target audience, main client demographics, PR/Visibility discussions, intuitive creative sessions to get the visions you have about your company in the best possible light even when you cannot explain it properly. We do this together! You have a partner in me.
Online creative business visibility coaching PLUS techie consultation for the stuff you don't have a grasp on just yet. You have to be seen to be heard, and we need to hear you to initiate trust and invest in your solutions. 
Logo and color palette experience PLUS your 12-Page website system that makes you money while you sleep.
Pinterest your brand workshops to get the creative juices flowing! This is so cool! Everyone loves it!
Color psychology and typography discussions. Lets get on the same page creatively and show your best self!
Commercial license font purchase plus commercial free photography purchase for your website. 
Brainstorm sessions available for anything related to your brand we are working on currently. I am here for YOU! 
Your website lead magnet experience to build your email list with value! We go over this together and it is a huge piece to your website success. 
Approval process every step of the way for both your logo and website experience!
Make LIVE changes to your brand with me during our Zoom video meetings. You will feel as if you created it all and know your brand inside and out. A favorite practice all my clients look forward to! You will love this!
Be in control of your website with free website tutorials and LIVE lessons after the launch!
Unlimited revisions + meetings to get your vision right! 
Launch plan and challenge crafted to fit your comfort level. I will have you launch your message, story, and new branding and website throughout the entire process and challenge you to be the best business owner you can be. But I will never MAKE you do anything. This is for you. 
Let's write your copy together! I will guide you along the way and bring out your authentic voice. We will collaborate and brainstorm together in a creative and honest way to get to the core of what solution you are offering your customers, why they need you, what your mission is, and what sets you apart.
Sales funnel and email marketing consultation.
Project management with filing system that keeps your information safe, secure, and organized. 
High level of communication and attention to detail when it comes to your project, mindset, and goals.
Blog strategy session and blog set-up included! Beautiful and eye-flashing graphics for up to 10 blogs is included as well. HUGE VALUE HERE! Most people have no idea why they are writing a blog at all or how it will attract 1:1 clients, product purchases and global visibility opportunities. 
GDPR-compliant business websites built here that protect you and your clients personal data when doing business globally. Security and safety are #1 at Red Unicorn Media. Retail and sales driven website that adhere to the global online standards and ethics. 
24/7 email support PLUS 30, 60, and 90 day follow up after the launch to make sure we create a confident and successful future together!
I have had such an amazing experience working with Alley on my logo and branding. She has a gift for creating logos that are beautiful and uniquely you, even when you have no idea what it is that you want! Alley is patient and intuitive and she does a fantastic job of guiding you through this process. I was so pleased with my logo and branding that I decided to move forward with Alley to create a new website.
-Jennifer Glover
Alley Jean says it all... just by her name, its like a song. She is brilliant, creative, imaginative, inspirational, adorable and she is one marvellous woman, very blessed to know her.
-Catherine Plano
Alley Jean 'had me' at "Red" & "Unicorn" I had done a very basic website myself, and frankly did not want to deal with the headache of recreating it. Alley's approach of focusing on women with a message for the world called to me. My branding process was fun and I felt she really 'got me'. I was delighted with the branding of my business Live Life with Wonder, and decided I was ready for the next step. It seemed like the right time to relaunch my website, with the ultimate stamp of me all over it. Alley Jean & Red Unicorn Media has been an outstanding and impeccable partner along the way. In the process of our business relationship she allowed me to feel safe enough to share fears and truths with her and she was able to support me unwaveringly. I truly feel blessed to have found her.
-Lulu Trevena
Not only did Alley totally NAIL my brand - she completely came through for me when I approached her with a deadline for the development of my website! What I love about Alley's work is her artistic vision and creativity! I hired her for it and it's been a beautiful gift throughout my time working with her! She is 100% there for her clients and I couldn't be more grateful for my brand and website development! 
-Sarah Grafstrom
Alley is a total God send for my branding. I had put together some ideas, and she was able to cut through the fog of the concept to birth something I could be proud of. As an entrepreneur, it's important that I'm excited to share the visual pieces of my brand. While my content is always high value, my branding was seriously lacking. Hiring Alley is one of the best decisions I've made for the look + feel of my brand. Alley knew all the right questions to ask, was super easy to work with, and her branding is nothing short of artistic genius. I can't wait to work with her again + refer her to everyone I know! 
-PollyAnna Brown
I'm so happy with the beautiful logos that Alley created for my business as well as my signature program! Somehow she managed to completely capture exactly the energy of my business and what I want to convey to my clients and potential clients. Everyone who sees it says, "it's so YOU!!" and I couldn't agree more! Thank you so much Alley for creating a brand for my work that I can be truly proud of. 
-Sara Best
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My experience with Alley? Gorgeous, creative, sexy, bold, provocative, all about my brand and about what I wanted to say. It was in intimate experience that dug deep into who I was and how I want others to see my business. We used art and color, texture and style and together we created a gorgeous logo that has stopped my audience dead in their tracks. I had a friend today tell me that after seeing my new banner that she needs to re do everything she has and start showing up in a different way!! I love Alley and soo look forward to working with her more!! 
-Allexia Brewer
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I met Alley through my friend who was also working with her. We hit it off immediately. She is incredibly talented and thorough. Alley not only gave me tons of choice but she was so patient with me as I sorted through them and made tweaks. She not only took my suggestions but she enhanced them in the most incredible ways until I was truly in love with my logo. I enjoyed the experience so much that I also signed up for her Visibility course. Not only did Alley do my logo but throughout the process she provided me on coaching and building my business and brand. Especially since I had a change of focus midway through the process. Alley is incredible, patient and extremely talented! 
-Laura Ashley
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Talented, great attitude and easy to work with! Perfect combo! 
Wini Kaaihue
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Alley created the most incredible Logo and Branding for me. The work she did was truly top notch and she was Magical to work with every step of the way. I knew right away that Alley was exactly who I wanted to work with and when I was finally ready to do my branding she was the first to know! She worked on my Logo until it was absolutely perfect. I'm so thrilled for the experience I've had working with Alley! Truly incredible. 
-Pixie Grace
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Alley did an amazing job developing my logo and helping me create my brand identity. She has a unique talent to pull your vision out of your mind and turn it not only into a work of art, but a visual brand. She works hard to identify with her clients as people and understand your dream and offering. She really captured the essence of what I am trying to do with my work. And its absolutely stunning! She is super fun to collaborate with and a wonderful, loving person. 
-Sarah Lynn
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Professional Custom website Plus Strategy & Unique Logo Experience!
Industry Positioning
​​​​​​​and Confidence!
Strategize + develop an authentic brand story and social media message that lands you clients with ease. 

Discover your true positioning in your industry and feel the power of that leadership bubble up through the entire process.

Set a foundation that nurtures the foundational pieces of your business and brand success!
Creativity, Communication,
and co-creation.

At Red Unicorn Media, I make it a point to create a place of freedom for you to explore and learn about your business in a highly creative way. Together we discover how your positioning in your industry as a global leader looks, feels, and acts.

We embrace our intuition and communicate on a high level so that both of our expectations are met with a successful outcome. 
Partner Support System that creates a healthy & wealthy mindset.
I don't think of wealth as the amount of cash I have or the amount of things I have around me. We are building a business that has been in your heart for some time now. While money will come in abundance that only happens when we design a life that compliments our soul connection to self. We will explore what wealth and business look like in your most ideal dreams and create that together. The wealth comes once we get clear, confident, and ambitious about our legacy. 
No more blueprints! Let's create yours from scratch and stop trying to do "all the things" everyone else is doing.
Do you ever feel as if there will never be a moment where you can fully concentrate on all the pieces of your dream business? Do you plan on a lot but accomplish a little? Are excuses plentiful but feel like "have to's?" Have you done a lot of DIY in your business and feel the drain? Do you like to be in control and feel no one can match your expectations? When I made the big leap and through all my chips in the pot as they say, I made $75 dollars that month! Now? I have 5, 10, and 20k months and am happy. I know how this stuff works and have your back every step of the way. This experience is heart-centered and successful. 
Design the brand and system you'll retire on, and be part of the entire process end to end.
​​​​​​​A creative experience that is totally unique and transformational.
Booking in March For This Service!
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