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Make money while you sleep with an amazing website that speaks your truth and has purpose that fulfills your soul path! 

Live like a queen, Market like a boss, Sell Like a unicorn!

A Global Media Company Working
for Women's Expansion + Business Growth 2017!

Alley Jean has 17 years of design, marketing, sales, advertising, and client service experience! 
Alley Jean 
Founder of Red Unicorn Media & Creator of "Create the Buzz!" Academy
People work with people not logos. Hi, I’m Alley Jean, a brand identity expert, web designer, artist and visibility coach. I am very grateful to use my gifted talents to help make my clients happy by helping them change their business perspectives, to level up and sometimes dramatically change their lives.

No matter what level you are at, I will always come up with new ideas, suggestions, and challenges to sky rocket your ROI, Brand Voice, and Creativity in super positive and uplifting ways!!  The journey ahead is fun and the possibilities are endless.  The strategy is manifesting itself and your perfect online presence is waiting to emerge!  Your time is now! 

After many years of choosing either a sales path, or an artistic path I felt exhausted and realized that I could combine both worlds, which brought RED UNICORN MEDIA to life.

My work now helps to advance the careers of female entrepreneurs, inspiring them to level up their mindset surrounding their brand identity and visibility to manifest the life of their dreams. I believe that every woman is the author of her own life and through small adjustments big changes can easily occur.
Here's details of your package
This is the original Red Unicorn Media artistic branding package for women entrepreneurs
13K+ in value for --> $5997 
That's a $15 a day investment into something that will take
care of you for life. The ROI is unlimited! This is your business. 
Several payment plans available!

Full access to Alley Jean with LIVE video conference meetings to get clear on your target audience, main client demographics, PR/Visibility discussions, intuitive creative sessions to get the visions you have about your company in the best possible light even when you cannot explain it properly. We do this together! You have a partner in me. (Value $1799!)
Bonus admission to the highly successful VisibilityYOU "Create the Buzz!" Academy (Value $397!) A masterful, supportive, and creative course + VIP Facebook group! 
Ten custom social media library templates that reflect your new branding along with sourced and curated and professional photography from around the world! Bonus Canva training if desired to show you how to use your templates and new brand identity fast with a video tutorial.  (Value $347!)
Pinterest your brand workshop to get the creative juices flowing! This is so cool! Everyone loves it! (Value $97!)
Color psychology and typography discussion. Lets get on the same page creatively and show your best self! (Value $97!)
Commercial license font purchase (if needed) for branding, web, and print. OR depending on our direction, custom hand-lettered font for your logo. (Value $50-$299!)
Brainstorm sessions available for anything related to your brand we are working on currently. I am here for YOU! (Value $199/Hour!)
 Plugins include developers license for backups and Divi framework, optins by Popup Ally, Wordfence security and the ability to incorporate your fonts and other highly reliable, stable, and secure plugins! (Value $47!)
Approval process every step of the way starting with Photoshop layouts that show you exactly what your site will look like. We discuss, create, get approval and move on. Once all pages are approved we build your empire on your Wordpress hosted web address! Consistent brand identity implementation! Woot woot! 
1 to 4 Strategy meetings for complete clarity on our goals and direction. Or as many as we need to complete your vision.
Full Backup for 1 year! (Value $99!)
Unlimited revisions and meetings to get your vision right! (Value$199 an hour which averages around $1,500!)
Launch plan with custom social media calendar detailing when and where to use your images along with a bonus meeting with Alley Jean on the best way to share to get the most likes, comments, and engagement for conversions. (Value $1,279!)
Email Header customized to notify your audience of your NEW and fabulous direction! (Value $119!)
You CAN write! I believe in you! Website copy assistance and strategy meeting. (Value $300!)
BONUS 5-page optin PDF custom designed, and integrated as a sales funnel using your delivery system (Ontraport, InfusionSoft, Mailchimp etc.) so you can immediately establish a client list, market like boss and sell like a unicorn! (Value $3,600!) *you provide the content after a strategy meeting on what that amazing content should be!
Professional website brand board with your textures, colors and color numbers, commercial fonts, logo and everything that makes up your brand in one streamlined area for future design purposes. Also for you to, "stay on brand" which helps your audience remember you and your services better! (Value $175!)
High level of communication along with professional and organized project management set up with Asana to have click to screen access to live status of your project, deadlines etc. 48 hour turnaround time to all messages and questions. Dropbox folder where you access the many files I create for you and your team. (Value $397!)
Website map conference where we figure out what pages to implement and why they are going to be so you and make you money. Remember, we are going to make your audience take the steps we need them to for a deeper connection with you and your brand! (Value $497!)
Includes blog set up and strategy session with email address opt-in and bio sidebar! (Value $1100!)
LIVE or pre-recorded course with me and YOU to learn how to use your site for your main purposes. (Value $199/hour!)
Client LOVE!
I am an expert at what I do, But don't take it from me, hear from my amazing clients who are changing the world!

Choose Abundance
Have a great start utilizing your professional brand across the board and let the world know that you are serious and ready to work! Be supported like a partner here at Red Unicorn Media today! You'll never find this kind of smart creative force and continued support. Let's meet! Click below to set up a conference with me, the Founder, Alley Jean
Set your virtual meeting video conference with me (Alley Jean) TODAY!
Professional and Custom 10-Page site!
Make money while you sleep with an amazing website that speaks your truth and has purpose that fulfills your soul path! Time to RISE!
Get Started NOW!
Target YOUR Audience &
Industry Positioning 
We will strategize + develop an authentic brand story and social media messaging calendar! You start your campaign before the logo is even done because starting before everything is perfect is critical!

You will be working with your ideal client or selling to your best customers in no time!

This piece is foundational to your success! It is a critical element that has been developed and perfected over the last 17 years.
Approval every step of the way!
Creativity, Originality, Wow Factors Included!
I can help you realize your vision even when you cannot fully explain it. Through powerful intentions, strategy, highly evolved digital art and marketing techniques we will create a modern website identity for your business. It is ultra unique! When you are ready to make money, conquer the world and shine your light... you come to here to me and we create a badass union of high-end energy that rivals other brands and gets you SEEN!

Beauty + Brains + Empath = Amazingness!
Partner Support System that cushions the transition
Ask anyone that I have worked with and they will tell you the same thing "She is amazing and beyond supportive when it comes to the techie end of my business and the mindset part! She is ultra creative and truly cares!"

People charge thousands for this part of my service and at Red Unicorn Media it is your gift and part of the process. I treat your company brand, audience and vision as if I was a true partner. This comes easier to me than most because I am an intuitive empath. 
Wanna see my fabulous portfolio of work?! 
I am a digital artist and LOVE turning mediocre and template looks into stunning "I can't look away" styles!
I regularly iron out my clients clothing, correct lighting, remove wrinkles, age spots, and dry skin. I color correct visuals that so-called professional photographers have taken, and can even give them golden tans in the middle of winter if needed! I need one myself! It’s fun and I love doing this for their social media visuals and web design. Want red hair instead of blonde? DONE. Plus, I can add and remove backgrounds on pictures with ease, along with creating rainbows, sunsets, bubbles, birds, words and glitter. BIG MAGIC and you're worth it!
Let's do this!
Several payment plan options available for all my packages.
You choose.
Let's Do This. I Am In!
Live like a Queen, Market like a Boss, Sell like a Unicorn!
Most business owners do not own their branding, graphics, illustration rights.
Red Unicorn Media grants you 100% ownership of your online website identity.
(rare and highly valuable! 10k+ BONUS)
Let's Get This Package Rolling!
How long does it take?
Great question! The entire process from beginning to end will take 8-16 weeks so please plan your investment schedule accordingly. If you need to take a vacation during our journey, no problem, just let me know and understand that pushes your project behind someone else's. But hey, we all need a break sometimes. Let's do this at your pace! Game?! I am!
I am in!
Business Can Be Fun!
At Red Unicorn media I teach my clients to let go of perfectionist qualities that may
interfere with your Return of Investment. Sometimes I call you out on your own BS to lift you up higher too! I care about you and your success more than anything because I want women entrepreneurs to live an empowered lifestyle all around the world and experience the success I have now in my life! There will never be a time when there isn't room to elevate your business and I want you to do it with me.

​​​​​​​Live like a Queen!
Market like a Boss!
Sell like a Unicorn!


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